Not Speaking the Truth

Here’s the thing: aren’t you irredeemably sick of trying to speak the truth about the world? Know that seeking it out: tracking it down—or ambushing it, if you are a person of power—always returns dead ends.

Take refuge in the fictive: the world is not furtive; it hides in plain sight. Seduction (L. “leading [or being led?] astray”) is the only strategem. Seduce and be seduced shall be the only law.

Seduction, however, never belongs to the order of nature, but that of artifice—never to the order of energy, but that of signs and rituals. (Jean Baudrillard, Seduction [1979; NWP 1990] 2)

No! Signs and rituals: yes—but they are entirely natural. That is what we as homo insapiens do, after all: circulate and recycle stuff and nonsense.

Follow this law of nature:

  • Don’t be yourself (unless you have to); don’t dissemble (any more than you want to).
  • Don’t think; use what you have at hand.
  • Follow threads.
  • Learn the ways of the world by walking them, but don’t think that you have to walk far.
  • Walk often with your eyes closed (bearing in mind that others are ahead of and behind you); walk less with your end in mind (close is good enough).
  • Believe in a world without end: leave loose ends; unravel others’.
  • Know you will end where you began.

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