Pagan Singles 1986-2000

An overview from Simon Grigg and a comprehensive listing from the great Trevor Reekie (and a potted history of Nixons/EyeTV):

Pagan was far and away the most successful independent label, and had a massive influence. . . [It] managed to balance indie eccentricity with hits (and indeed was renown for turning those eccentrically indie records into hits) and was a goldmine, much plundered by the majors.


From Trevor’s listing (most of these vids/tracks are online at Sean’s Myspace) . . .

PAG 1101 The Nixons – House of Flowers / Sometimes I Think (’93)

Before they went to America and changed their name to Eye TV. I truly loved The Nixons. They were onto a sound.

PAG 1112 The Nixons – Tick Tock / Cold / Shallow Sun / Drone (’94)

Recorded with Malcolm Wellsford. This was to set up the debut album.

PAG 1121 The Nixons – Basement Static / Higher (’94)

The band had all their gear stolen so they recorded an acoustic album. By this time Luke Casey was drumming and they were showing huge potential. They’d done one tour of America.

PACD 1131 Eye TV – Immaculate / Venus / Turn Around / Basement Static (’95)

(Tks 2,3 & 4 were recorded live at CBGB’s, New York). The band changed their name because there was already an American band of the same name. Eye TV toured the States again to support the release of their album there.

ANT 009 Eye TV – Wish It All Away / Call Me / Soul Sane Man / Slave to Love (’97)

Finally Eye TV got close to the hit that took too long to come. Finally radio and Eye TV started to connect.

ANT 013 Eye TV – Just The Way It Is / Whatever You Do (’99)

First big chart single for Eye TV. Huge at radio.

ANT 020 Eye TV – One Day Ahead (’00)

Their 2nd top 20 single in a row. Eventually surfaced on the album Fire Down Below. I saw them play this at Sweetwaters 99 and it soared. They never sounded better.


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