Noo Politics 2

From Noo Politics . . .

Gilles Deleuze thematises Foucault’s schema of (modern) societies as follows:

  1. societies of sovereignty (command) that use mechanical technologies, e.g., levers/pulleys, apparatuses, and practise the spectacular manipulation of the body (the body politic, peoples, castes; the fief; summary justice);
  2. societies of discipline (punishment) that use thermodynamic technologies, e.g., electrical motors, appliances, and practise the panoptic molding of life (biopolitics, populations, classes; the factory; apparent acquittal); and
  3. societies of control (governmentality) that use telematic technologies, e.g., interfaces/networks, applications, and practise the virtual modulation of memory (nöopolitics, publics, positions; the corporation; limitless postponement).

See “Society of Control,” from L’Autre 1 (May 1990),, a.k.a., “Postscript on the Societies of Control,” trans. M. Joughin, October 59 (1992): 3-7 at or Also publ. Negotiations, 1972-1990 (New York: Columbia UP, 1994) 177-82.


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