The Idea of the University (Again)

Something Stephen Turner and I wrote for Arena (June 2011): “The Idea of the University”: “Out of the shadow of the neo-liberal academy . . .”

What isn’t captured by academic econometrics, and the managerial culture that administers them, is the simple idea that community is a non-countable good. This is the value, we think, of talking face-to-face — the supreme value in a Maori place of kōrero kanohi ki te kanohi. A contemporary Muldoon or VC might well ask that this good be counted like any other, but the real problem we confront is the machinic nature of neoliberal capitalism, and no particular person. VCs, after all, can be perfectly nice — and well-meaning — people.

It can be downloaded from my earlier post: “The Idea of the University”.


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