Sloterdijk in English Updated

I’ve updated a post from last year on all the Sloterdijkstoff available in English: go there.

There’s a couple of new essays out:

  1. “Architecture as an Art of Immersion” (2006), trans. Tina Engels, Interstices 12 (2011): 106-09, 12 Nov. 2011, <>
  2. “Society of Centaurs: Philosophical Remarks on Automobility,” trans. Katie Ritson, Transfers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies 1.1 (Spring 2011): 14-24. [Preview here — the journal is hard to come by.]
  3. The Time of the Crime of the Monstrous: On the Philosophical Justification of the Artificial,” trans. Wieland Hoban, Sloterdijk Now, ed. Stuart Elden (Cambridge: Polity P, 2012) 165-81.

Of course, Bubbles is also out (a.k.a. Spheres, vol. 1: Microspherology). Better late than never!

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